Board Member - Nathan Bell

Nathan Bell has been a technician and leader in the field of medical equipment repair since getting his start at Alta Vista hospital back in 2003. Beginning with 3 years as a facilities tech and boiler room specialist in Las Vegas NM. Followed by in-house Biomed work in 2006 in Laredo TX, with the shift to Biomed field repair in 2008 in Dallas TX. Moving to CO and as an employee of HSS since 2012, Nathan has worked in the roles as both sterilizer field service tech and team supervisor.

Having worked on a wide range of modalities and projects, with teams comprised of different specialists and training, Nathan looks to bring a realistic and practical solutions to an expansive range of potential issues.

A graduate and post graduate of GCU in the field of Health Care Administration, Nathan brings a spirit of servant leadership into his management style. As well as to strive and embody a role that exists to help give others a better chance to succeed and benefit to the equipment, patient, community and employer.

A strong advocate for team trust, communication and growth, it is Nathan’s desire to support CABMET in supporting the local communities of Colorado with their medical equipment management, providing a safer and more reliable deliverable to the patient.