Board Member - Ryan Titus

I am currently the Sr. Director in IT for Clinical Engineering and Ancillary Applications for UCHealth. I started my career after graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Biomed-Technology in 2000. Moved to Colorado and worked for HSS, a field service company out of Denver, from August 2000 until December 2003.

Joined Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs in December 2003. Went back to school and completed my Bachelor’s in Management in 2005 and Master’s in Business Administration in 2006. Received my CBET in 2008. Continued at Memorial as a biomed tech until February 2012 when I was promoted to the Vendor Services Manager. As the VSM, responsible for all vendor services and service contracts on medical equipment. Moved into the role of Operations Manager of Clinical Engineering at Memorial in February 2015, and stayed in that position until February 2020.