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Evans US Army Community Hospital


Evans U.S. Army Community Hospital, 1650 Cochrane Circle, Bldg 7500, Ft. Carson, Co.  80913.

Evans US Army Hospital is a 78 bed registered facility plus 6 off site facilities in the Colorado Springs/ Pueblo region, 3 on premesis and 3 in the community, 2 facilities in Utah, and 1 Wyoming.  Just finished a new wing, and now renovating some of the areas in the hospital, and then another renovation going forward.  There are 2 new dental clinics on base in different locations, and a new one right at the hospital.





(Front Row; Left to Right: SSG Jesus, Justin, SPC Johnson, Angela, Connie Seise,
SGT Katerenga, Maurren, Wayne Collins, SGT Bushey, Dennis, and WO1 Whitehurst, Greg

(Back Row; Left to Right: SPC Powell, Christopher, SGT Wolffe, Randall, SGT Leslie, Jason, SPC Six, David, Jeff Olson, Larry Johnson, and NCOIC Noetzleman, Dougas)

(Missing are: Joshua Osinga, Jerry Corley, William Marowe, SSG Kolb, Travis, SGT Spicer, Tiffany, SGT Lenior Peter, SGT Lenior, Tara, SPC Rodrigues, Nathanael, and Martha Heald


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